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French onion soup

My youngest aunt Shoping and her husband David were the sophisticated ones. They were adventurously traveled, made witty remarks and were always up on the latest books and movies. They lived in a large Tudor house outside of Boston, which … Continue reading

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Narnia, Turkish Delight, and mochi

The first time I felt really, truly betrayed was not when I discovered that that my parents were not always right, or that the fact that my cat had been put to sleep did not mean that she had gone … Continue reading

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Peanut Mochi

It has never occurred to me to ever look up a recipe for mochi, because up until now, it has never occurred to me that I would ever make it. When I was growing up, there was an old Japanese … Continue reading

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London, August 2, 2011

On Tuesday, the second of August, Marlene and I were doing the dullest thing, sitting outside a Pret-a-Manger in Saint Christopher’s Place, eating potato chips and drinking diet coke. Marlene was visiting London, having recently moved back to Pakistan where … Continue reading

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Cannibalism and Angelina Jolie

A question that’s been haunting me since I left Edinburgh. If you were a cannibal, would you rather eat an attractive person or an unattractive one? Mo argued that it was better to keep the attractive people alive, but for … Continue reading

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So I am standing in an Edinburgh bus stop explaining my idea to my friend Mo. I have known Mo since I was seventeen, and I love him dearly, probably more than 99.9 percent of the world, and one of … Continue reading

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Seabass and Barnes

I enter the Italian restaurant with trepidation. I’m not really in the mood. In fact my friend Marlene and I had spent the last couple of days talking about how much we crave a good bowl of French onion soup. … Continue reading

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